Payments received but not applied, lost payment, invoice paid, unpaid invoice, account unpaid.


Payments received but not applied to any invoices due to lack of payment identification.

If you can identify any payment please email a scan of your bank statement showing matching details to


6/11/2009      DIRECT CREDIT PACKIT INDUSTRIE WEB PAGE(BSW)           $9.95
21/09/2009    DIRECT CREDIT NETBANK GDHosting $115.00


15/12/2008    INTERNET TRANSFER CREDIT FROM 27187734 REF NO 24051592 web hosting           $19.90    
17/10/2008    RTGS DEPOSIT /123085036588800      $14.95
9/10/2008      RTGS DEPOSIT /808181747838              $40.00
8/10/2008      DIRECT CREDIT NETBANK 3332346677 $29.95
6/10/2008      DIRECT CREDIT NETBANK 9598944541 $89.95   

Thank You


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